When it comes to fitness, physical therapy, aerobic exercise, strength training, mountain sports and especially to different themes of health, the store of reviwell offers a comprehensive range of services and possibilities to order and buy all the necessary products you need.

Shop for fitness products
On one side the area Fitness is covered by products like gymnastic mats to perform for expample pilates and yoga, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, but there are also other different possibilities. Reviwell has everything necessary for each and every athlete to improve him/herself. There are many fitness possibilities to increase your own athleticism und coordination.

Physiotherapy demand
The physiotherapy area expresses itself through very different sectors and the store of Reviwell has everything necessary for physiotherapists and practices. Wether it is the part of gymnastic in the physical therapy, or the various vibrating plates which are used in the physical therapy. Also the necessary means and products of the electro-therapy, massage, dressing material or the material which is required to perform an analysis.