Athletic Plus BCAA

180 tablets each 2,250 mg

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BCAAs can not be produced by the human body and must be consumed in the diet.

BCAAs are an indispensable nutritional supplement for all sportsmen and athletes who want to perform at their best and want to maximize their physical potential.

BCAAs are useful for strength and power increase and after exercise for toning and regeneration.

  • take 3 tablets 60 minutes after training with sufficient liquid (best with protein or a meal)
  • for endurance athletes additional 3 tablets 30 minutes before training
  • enough for 30 - 60 days 

180 tablets each 2,250 mg



Analysis per tablet  
L-isoleucine 640 mg
L-leucine 534 mg
L-valine 374 mg
BCAA's total 1,548 mg

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Volume 405
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