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Carbohydrates - the perfect energy supplier

Both athletes and amateur athletes know that carbohydrates are important for a successful training. A balanced nutrition is very helpful, but often athletes need a much higher proportion of minerals and trace elements. It is very hard to get these minerals and trace elements only through food intage. So the best and easiest solution is the sport nutrition. The body will get the optimal dosage of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates and the body

Carbohydrates are stored in the blood, liver and muscle tissue. They serve as a source of energy and can be stored in the brain as glucose. This is especially good for a balanced level of blood sugar. The demand of energy increases with every minute during training. The body relies on the energy intake (carbohydrates) not before continuous liability. The basic rule is: Burning of 200 grams of carbohydrates begins after 30 minutes loading time.

Carbohydrates as intelligent sport nutrition

The intake of carbohydrates is not necessary before the training, because the body has enough capacity. After the training also carbohydrate supplements can be taken --> The storage capacity of the body expands - reserves increase - this leads to an increased performance. For endurance training carbohydrates are especially recommended. Athletic Plus ensures for optimal supply of the required need. In conjunction with other valuable minerals and trace elements the supplements are responsible for the increased endurance benefits ... and not to thicken the body.