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The hand bandage protects the wrist and boosts performance

Leisure activities but also monotonous work having a high risk of injury to the wrist. With a hand bandage these risks can be reduced. Also the recovering from existing injuries is faster. They protect the wrist and increase performance.

Ball sports such as hanball or basketball are a significant risk of injury to the wrist. Often you fall or you have contact to opponents. If you fall you often instictively catch yourself on the wrist. The result is an injury that can be prevented with a hand bandage. Also when playining volleyball or tennis hand bandages are very helpful. The consequences of not wearing hand bandages are tenosynovitis with unpleasant pain.

The gift for your wrist

The hand bandage reduces strains, sprains, irritations, overstrechting and tendonitis. Also the bandages provide protection against overloads and injuries, stabilize the wrist and boost the performance during ball sports. The short hand bandage ensures targeted compression and a constant supply of heat.
The long bandage is used in healing after injury or to stabilize the wrist in sports with a high risk of injury. The handbandage made of high quality skin-friendly materials is individually customized through the elastic straps. Give your wrist a gift in form of a hand bandage!