Vibration Training

Vibration Training
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Vibration Training - be top fit without sweating

The innovative training using vibration plates was developed in the 1970's in Russia for top athletes. At the Vibration Training results will be achieved in a comparatively short time. Due to this clever training system you can get top-condition-form without much sweating. The vibratory movements cause all muscles 

Why is vibration training so effective?

In this exercise the body is vibrated on the vibrating plates (on which the person is standing). The vibratory movements cause that all muscles and tendons contract at a breathtanking pace and relax again. It happens very fast: every minute a thousand times. Therefore Vibratiion Training is especially recommended for muscle building. The active muscle work also brings the circular flow in full swing, the heart beats faster. If you are standing on the vibrating plates, you won't notice how hard you train. Only a few hours later you will get a muscle soreness. 

By the way: all vibration devices are certified and medically approved for fitness training. Vibration Training is a recognized method, which is often used by top athletes as preparing for competitions. It is also often used in the rehabilitation sector.