FLEXVIT Multi Band


FLEXVIT Fitnessband Multi

Maximale Flexibilität

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Thicknesses and colors:

orange - health - easy Elongation approx. 120% - approx. W 30 mm x L 275 cm
green - fitness medium - Elongation approx. 120% - approx. W 30 mm x L 275 cm
blue - power - difficult Stretch approx. 120% - approx. W 40 mm x L 275 cm

Training focus:

  • Free training (strength) in principle of all muscle groups and chains possible
  • Training of strength, endurance, balance, core, flexibility
  • Stretching, activating, strengthening and mobilizing
  • can support or complicate the execution of the exercise (regression / progression)
  • Stabilization and rotation exercises
  • Muscle and fascia training


  • Functional Fitness Training
  • Rehabilitation training
  • Physiotherapy
  • Athletic training
  • Personal training


Advantages of use:

  • Resistance almost unlimitedly variable (progression, regression)
  • Can be quickly varied with fixed loops in terms of body size and / or exercise
  • easy to slip into the loops without wrapping your hands
  • does not tear, therefore no re-purchase necessary
  • Great elasticity allows full range of motion of all extremities
  • 4 thicknesses for different demands and forms of exercise
  • Location-independent training
  • Variable resistance
  • No rolling up during exercise


Product details:

  • Woven rubber ("textile rubber"),
  • therefore no skin contact with rubber / latex (suitable for allergy sufferers and clinics)
  • Unusually attractive feel, without sacrificing rubber properties
  • Washable up to 60 ° C
  • including washing net for washing, drying and storing
  • Made in Germany
  • Eko certificate


All ribbons can be used with the FLEXVIT multi-anchor (door anchor)

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Delivery time In stock, 1-3 working days
Lieferzeit In stock, 1-3 working days