Original Pezzi Medicineball 2 kg 33 cm

Color: yellow

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These special balls, made in soft plastic material, have large sizes and elevated weights. While suitable for upper body strength training for such sports as basketball, volleyball and football, they can also be used effectively in physiotherapy for the rehabilitation of the hand or upper limbs.

Available in diameters from 14 to 33 cm.(5,5 in. to 12,99 in) and weights from 0,5 to 5 kgs.
The best alternative to traditional sand-filled leather medicineballs, deformable and difficult to clean.


Product   Size Weight Color Package
Original "Pezzi" Medicineball   Ø 14 cm 0,5 kg  turquoise bag
Original "Pezzi" Medicineball   Ø 20 cm 1 kg orange  bag
Original "Pezzi" Medicineball   Ø 33 cm 2 kg yellow  bag
Original "Pezzi" Medicineball   Ø 33 cm 3 kg orange bag
Original "Pezzi" Medicineball   Ø 33 cm 5 kg red  bag

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Delivery time 1- 2 weeks
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