Original Pezzi Sitsolution Maxafe 65 cm

including exercise instructions

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Our ball with legs is a healthy and effective alternative to the traditional chair.

The Original Pezzi® Sitsolution promotes good posture during long periods of sitting at home, school or in the office. Sitting on the ball requires use of the trunk and abdominal muscles. During short breaks the Original Pezzi® Sitsolution can be used for stretching and exercise.
Its five stabilizers keep the Original Pezzi® Sitsolution from rolling away. This is particularly helpful in gyms, fitness and rehab centers where a number of balls rolling away would be a nuisance. The Original Pezzi Sitsolution is the well-behaved ball that stays where you put it!

These balls are made of the exclusive flexton silpower® (patent) material developed by our company and if used in accordance with the requirements contained in the instructions and warnings manual, they slowly deflate in the event of accidental damage caused by small tears or punctures, thus providing a safety factor to the user.

Available in three different diameters: 45, 55 and 65 cm (17.5 in, 21.5 in. and 25.5 in.) and in different pearl colours which blends easily with all interior colour schemes.

Their soft, velvety surface makes them a pleasure to use.
Furthermore, cuts (up to 5 mm.) or small holes , can be repaired with the specially designed “Fixa-Kit”.
Each ball supplied in box is provided with a complete exercises guidebook in 6 languages.

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