PowerBlock Pro 50

1 pair adjustable dumbbells


5 Year Warranty for home use only

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Powerblock Pro 50 Adjustable Dumbbells

Easy home workout with powerblock

The Powerblock Pro 50 allows you to change weights quickly thanks to a simple plug-in system. Furthermore, the PowerBlock Pro 50 is equipped with a urethane coating to offer a smooth transition and the most noiseless dumbbell training possible. The Powerblock Pro version also offers the possibility of training with heavy weights, so you can also do intensive strength training at home. The open accessibility of the inner surface maximizes freedom of movement and increases ergonomics thanks to the adapted rubber grip. The lever on the handle offers the possibility to make adjustments in 1.1 kg intervals and so the Powerblock Pro 50 replaces a total of 20 dumbbells in the range between 1.1 kg and 22.7 kg. The weights are perfect for both home use and professional fitness use.

To remove the inner weights, tilt the handle back to prevent the weights from falling out, then pull the lever down. Remove the internal weights and insert them into the storage slots on the stand. Then drop the handle back into the weight stack to close the lever or do it manually. To reinsert the weights into the handle, reverse this process.

Powerblock application:


Powerblock Pro 50 product details:

  • Adjustable dumbbells with urethane coating
  • Exchangeable inner weights enable a fine weight gradation
  • Auto-lock lever on the handle for quick weight changes
  • Side Rails The color bands on the barbell rails match the weight chart on the handle
  • Weight range: 1.1 | 2.3 | 3.4 | 4.5 | 5.7 | 6.8 | 7.9 | 9.1 | 10.2 | 11.3 | 12.5 | 13.6 | 14.7 | 15.9 | 17 | 18.1 | 19.3 | 20.4 | 21.5 | 22.7 kg per hand
  • Dimension: 33 x 17.7 x 18.3 cm (L x W x H)

Powerblock Pro 50 scope of delivery:

  • 1 pair of Powerblock Pro 50 dumbbells

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