Compex SP 8.0

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Compex SP 8.0

Sport 8.0 model for active athletes who train every day!

The SP 8.0 optimises your strength and endurance and shortens your recovery time while preventing injuries and relieving existing pain.

Features in detail:

  • mi-scan - mi-range, mi-tens: enables personalised stimulation.
  • With 40 programmes in 5 programme categories: conditioning, pain relief, recovery/massage, fitness and regeneration
  • Four channels for electrode connection
  • Screen: Colour display
  • Power: 120 mA, 400 us, 150 Hz

The Compex SP 8.0 is the absolute high-flyer among electrostimulation devices.


Capillarisation, trunk stabilisation, endurance, anaerobic, strength, rapid strength, overcompensation,
warm-up, ankle strengthening, cross training, muscle building, muscle training, prestart


Tens pain treatment, acute pain treatment, muscle pain treatment, neck pain treatment,
Treatment for back pain, lumbago (lumbago), epicondylitis (irritation of the tendon insertions of muscles), Treatment for tendonitis, Treatment for heavy legs, Prevention of cramps


Strengthening of the musculature
Muscular atrophy (muscle atrophy)


Regeneration massage, anti-muscle ache, training recovery, competition recovery, relaxation massage


Lymphatic drainage, power cross training, arm firming, thigh toning, buttock shaping,
6-pack training, biceps training, strengthening the shoulders, abdominal muscle training, pectoral muscle training

Scope of delivery:

  • Central control unit
  • 4 modules
  • Charging station
  • Charger
  • 2 bags of Snap electrodes 5x10 cm
  • 2 bags of Snap electrodes 5x5 cm
  • 2 bags of Snap electrodes 5x10 cm (1 snap)
  • Protective cover for central control
  • Rigid transport bag
  • USB cable
  • Instruction manual


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Delivery time In stock, 1-3 working days
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