Compex SP 8.0 Wod Edition + Knee Sleeve Camo


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5mm Knie Bandage Camo 2 Stück gratis!


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Optimizes strength, endurance reduces your recovery time while preventing injuries and relieving existing pain. The SP 8.0 is the king of electrostimulation devices and was created for athletes who train every day. It has the innovative mi-Autorange function, which enables continuous improvement of the results. You can also set your training goals via the Compex portal and transfer them to your device - the SP 8.0 is therefore an active training partner.

Technology details:

Due to the unique MI technology (muscle intelligence), the stimulator automatically adapts the programs to the condition of your muscles. This enables effective electrical muscle stimulation with increased comfort and better performance at the same time. Mi-Scan scans the selected muscle group and automatically adjusts the settings of the stimulator to your physical characteristics - you still determine the intensity of the program.

Mi-Action optimizes the effectiveness of your session by combining voluntary and electronically stimulated contractions to put you in complete control of your workout.
Mi-Tens makes it easy to adjust stimulation levels in anti-pain programs for optimal results.
Mi-Autorange is a new mi feature that allows your Compex device to automatically set the ideal stimulation level for you based on your physique.

Fitness training: Endurance • Anaerobic • Strength • Speed ​​• Overcompensation • Ankle strengthening • Cross Training • Trunk stabilization • Muscle building • Muscle training • Prestart • Warming up • Capillarization
Relaxation massages: Training recovery • Competition recovery • Relaxation massage • Anti-sore muscles • Regeneration massage
Pain Management: Pain Treatment TENS • Acute Pain • Muscle Pain • Neck Pain • Back Pain • Lumbago • Epicondilitis • Tendonitis • Heavy Legs • Cramp Prevention
Rehabilitation: Muscular atrophy • Muscle strengthening
Fitness: Strengthen arms • tighten thighs • 6-pack training • train biceps • abdominal muscle training • shape buttocks • power • lymphatic drainage

Product Details:

Technology - Wireless
Muscle Intelligence - Mi Scan, Mi Autorange, Mi Tens, Mi Action
Web connection - yes
Download options – yes
Loading history - yes
Program Category – Conditioning, Fitness, Pain Relief, Recreational Massage, Rehabilitation
Programs – 40
Channels - 4
Screen – Matrix Colors
Power - 120mA, 400us, 150Hz
Battery Energy charging in less than 2 hours

Delivery Details:

  • Central control
  • 4 modules
  • charging station
  • charger
  • 8 snap electrodes 5x10 cm (double clip)
  • 16 snap electrodes 5x5 cm (single clip)
  • 8 snap electrodes 5x10 cm (single clip)
  • Protective cover for central control
  • Rigid transport bag ,USB cable
  • operation manual
  • Soft transport bag
  • 4 halter straps
    + 5mm knee bandage camo for free

Choose a size based on the measurement taken at the center of the knee (just above the patella). If you are on the border between two sizes, order the larger size for a better fit.

  • XS 30-33cm
  • S 33-36cm
  • M 36-38cm
  • L 38-43 cm
  • XL 43-48cm

5-year guarantee if you register with Compex for the guarantee extension. Information material can be found in the scope of delivery.

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Delivery time In stock, 1-3 working days
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