Compex Sport Elite - Grey Carbon Edition 2024

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Compex Sport Elite - Grey Carbon

The Compex Sport Elite Gray Carbon Edition model 2024 allows you to improve your performance and complete your training through the range of sports programs.

  • You can choose between 7 stimulation zones for specific body parts.
  • The device offers 5 levels to build progress.
  • 4 channels for complete training sessions
  • LCP display with illumination to facilitate readability
  • Easy Snap connection system, connection of the cable to the electrode is possible with one hand by simply pressing.
  • The Compex Sport Elite has 31 programs in 6 categories. (Sport, Pain, Massage, Rehabilitation, Fitness and Vascular)

Program overview:


Aerobic Endurance - Improvement of oxygen absorption by the stimulated muscles Performance increase for endurance sports

Anaerobic Endurance - Improvement of the lactic acid capacity of the muscles Increased performance for strength endurance sports

Strength - increase in maximum strength, increase in muscle contraction speed

Explosive Strength - increasing the speed at which a level of strength is reached, improving the effectiveness of fast movements (jumping, shooting, etc.)

Hypertrophy - increase in muscle volume, improvement in muscular endurance

Speedplay - Training and preparation of muscles for all types of muscular work (aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance, strength, speed) thanks to different work sequences

Stretching - optimization of the effects of the active stretching technique, thanks to the reduction in muscle tone through specific activation of the antagonist of the stretched muscle (mutual inhibition reflex)

Active recovery - strong increase in blood circulation, accelerated removal of metabolic products, relaxing and loosening effect

Regeneration - analgesic effect through the release of endorphins, strong increase in blood circulation, which promotes oxygen supply and venous drainage, activation of the oxidative metabolic pathway, reactivation of the proprioceptive pathways



TENS wobbled - blocking the transmission of pain through the nervous system

Endorphin - Analgesic effect by releasing endorphins, increasing blood flow

Acute pain - reduction of muscle tension, relaxing and tension-relieving effect

Cervicalgia - analgesic effect by releasing endorphins, increasing blood circulation

Dorsalgia - analgesic effect by releasing endorphins, increasing blood circulation

Low back pain - analgesic effect by releasing endorphins, increasing blood circulation

Lumbago - reduction of muscle tension, loosening and contraction-relieving effect

Epicondylitis - blockage of pain transmission through the nervous system



Relaxing massage - reducing muscle tension, removing toxins responsible for excessive increase in muscle tone, relaxing and wellness-enhancing effect

Activating massage - strong increase in blood flow to the stimulated area, improvement in tissue oxygenation, elimination of free radicals

Warm-up massage - activation of blood circulation, restoration of contractile properties of muscles, strengthening effect


Muscular atrophy - reactivation of the trophicity of the muscle fibers degraded in the course of an atrophic process

Muscle growth - increase in diameter and muscle fiber capacity in cases of lack of activity or inactivity forced by disease, restoration of muscle volume

Muscle strengthening - increasing the strength of the previously atrophied muscle, strengthening the muscle affected by a pathological process, but not atrophied


Muscle building - improvement of the contraction properties of underused muscles, restoration and/or improvement of the cell exchange processes of the stimulated muscles

Muscle training - hypertrophy, increase in the diameter of muscle fibers

Aerobics - improvement of muscle properties with regard to long-term loads, improvement of oxygen consumption of stimulated muscles


Capillarisation/circulation: In the pre-competition period for endurance or strength-endurance sports, as a supplement to a program in the figure category or to improve the endurance of less-trained people.

Cramp prevention: Cramps occur primarily in the leg muscles, especially the calf muscles.

Lymphatic drainage: to combat occasional swelling of the feet and ankles, as an adjunct to pressotherapy or manual lymphatic drainage, treatment of venous insufficiency. Do not use without medical advice on edema that occurs as a result of a pathological problem.

Heavy legs: to relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs in unfamiliar conditions (prolonged standing, heat, hormonal imbalances related to menstrual periods, etc.)

Scope of delivery:

  • stimulator
  • charger
  • battery pack
  • Electrode cable 4 pieces
  • Electrodes 5 x 5 cm 4 pieces
  • Electrodes 10 x 5 cm 2 pieces
  • Electrodes Poster
  • quick start Guide
  • transport case

Available Languages:

  • English
  • Français
  • Español
  • Italiano
  • Deutsch
  • Nederlands
  • Português
  • Svenska
  • Русский

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